WhatsApp ordering has never been so easy. Easy access to the ultimate WhatsApp Pick Up Food Ordering Solution for Restaurants

The ultimate WhatsApp Pick Up Food Ordering Solution for Restaurants

WhatsApp Pick Up Food Ordering – how did we arrive here? Unexpectedly at the beginning of the year

WhatsApp Pick Up Food Ordering – how did we arrive here?

Unexpectedly at the beginning of the year 2020, the life changed significantly now. Whether we feel adapted to these changes or, on the contrary, we can’t wait for everything to come back as it was before, it is clear that everyone has to do their part in the society affected by the pandemic.

The companies that offer services, including the ones from food sector, are especially challenged in the “Covid-19“ context. They have to adapt to the new reality and they have to do it fast. In spite of the fear and the countless ongoing warnings regarding the Coronavirus presence, the restaurants have to keep their clients. How? Offer the same quality in contactless conditions (no lines, no touchscreens). Also, the safety of ordering should be constantly communicated to the clients.

Isolation conditions are relaxing over the actual and the following time period. But still we keep asking ourselves whether or not we can go back to ordering from restaurants. The pleasure to enjoy the meal at the location is still a bit far from expectations, since the concerns regarding virus spreading are not at all long gone or unrealistic.


Easily overcome any new sanitary friction with an ideal contactless experience and increase sales with its viral features

Here at Airtouch we thought that giving to customers more options to order from their favorite restaurant or bistro, can be a practical solution in these odd times. This is the way Whatsapp ordering concept was born. The Whatsapp Pick Up Food ordering will make all orders safer and faster, ensuring that you still enjoy your favorite food without having a waiter serving or touching the menu physically.

There are few key features which makes Whatsapp ordering an inspired solution:

  • No need of an app installed on your phone;
  • You don’t need to talk to a waiter or restaurant employee, to have your order processed;
  • Avoiding staying in any line to get the order;

All that clients need is the Whatsapp application on their phones – which they already use for staying in touch with friends and family. Placing the order has never been easier!

Do you want to offer your clients an easy and practical alternative of ordering? As a restaurant, sign up to Whatsapp ordering and enrol in our easy and fast ordering program!

Just start Whatsapp ordering with these three steps:

  • Send us your menu to upload it to the platform;
  • We will configure the service and give you QR codes and Links to have it promoted;
  • Start getting contactless orders!

If you want to get more details regarding how to embed the Whatsapp ordering feature on your social accounts, as well as with the menu available for your clients, go on our platform and find out more!