Digital Mobile WhatsApp Food Ordering - The Frictionless Customer Journey by AIRTOUCH

WhatsApp Ordering and the Frictionless Customer Journey

Through the WhatsApp Ordering platform, we offer to each customer a smooth pick up food ordering experience, on

Through the WhatsApp Ordering platform, we offer to each customer a smooth pick up food ordering experience, on every restaurant. There are five easy steps each customer will follow through and we guarantee there will be no frictions food ordering at any point.

So which are the steps of the absolute frictionless customer journey that enhance the experience of pick up food ordering?


1.    Make your order wherever you are!

There is no condition for Mobile Pick Up Food Ordering through WhatsApp, so you can order from each place you are in: at work, at home, on the go – outside of the restaurant or seated at the table inside the restaurant. The WhatsApp Ordering service adapts remarkably to the customer’s business or personal life.


2.    Easy access to the right WhatsApp number of a restaurant

There are 2 ways to access the WhatsApp number of any restaurant affiliated to our program:

  • Online – a small, easy to tap link attached to the Instagram or Facebook posts, as well as from online ads of the restaurants;
  • Offline – through QR codes which restaurants can place outside, on board or outdoor advertising signs or which they can print on the menu inside.


3.    Ordering has never been so easy and fun!

What makes ordering fun and efficient is having the conversational experience without a human involved.

By using WhatsApp, the order details are efficiently recorded, while the customer can easily pick what they want from the menu in a PDF. During the same WhatsApp Ordering conversation, the restaurant will be confirmed by selecting the most convenient location and the pick up time will also be selected by the customer. Everything is done without any previous registration  – no friction whatsoever!


4.    Share discount coupons with the ones you love!

Once that user has finished his ordering experience, the restaurant can send him a coupon for providing a discount to his friends and family. How? Simply by sharing over WhatsApp directly or into groups and get also a discount for a next ordering. The virality of these coupons makes a very nice increase in sales for the restaurant with no additional advertising investment!


5.    Pick up the order at the right moment!

Customers can set their convenient pick-up food ordering time and also get notified when they can pick up the order.


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