Why Food Chains Are Turning to WhatsApp for Ordering?   We at Airtouch consider that pick up food ordering through WhatsApp platform is an evolution of the ordering process, bringing together many benefits and technological improvements. We discover that more and more food chains around the world are choosing WhatsApp food Ordering, enjoying the advantages that it […]

Contactless Pick Up Food Ordering and why? During the year 2020, several challenges occurred within the society, translated into new important frictions for the customer journey experience, concerning the online food ordering. Leading to a negative experience overall, these frictions are recognized by each restaurant and customer: Indoor lines: tied lines indoor are not recommended in […]

What it is In times when we have to keep social distance and avoid any unnecessary contact, we at Airtouch propose a solution that will ease the food ordering for everyone who chooses to keep ordering food from their favourite restaurant: the WhatsApp Ordering Platform for Restaurants or to be more precise the WhatsApp Pick Up Food […]

Through the WhatsApp Ordering platform, we offer to each customer a smooth pick up food ordering experience, on every restaurant. There are five easy steps each customer will follow through and we guarantee there will be no frictions food ordering at any point. So which are the steps of the absolute frictionless customer journey that […]

WhatsApp Pick Up Food Ordering – how did we arrive here? Unexpectedly at the beginning of the year 2020, the life changed significantly now. Whether we feel adapted to these changes or, on the contrary, we can’t wait for everything to come back as it was before, it is clear that everyone has to do […]